For an eye-catching and novel way of engaging with your target audience, our team wear the latest back-lit mobile billboards, sometimes known as human billboards or walking billboards. Our dedicated and professional team will provide an interactive experience for your audience; we can wear your branded logo, hand out vouchers and engage with potential customers.

This dynamic advertising method allows us to go where conventional advertising simply cannot. Wherever you want your message to be seen we can accomodate: busy city centres, shopping areas, sporting events, trade shows, concert halls or a specified route by you. Whether you want a large team out in full force with identical signs, or individuals with multiple adverts, the choice is yours!

Based in Bristol we cater to a wide range of businesses including shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, casinos, bands, sport teams, fairs and websites. Our service is always personalised, so whether you are a small start up business or a large franchise we have a range of options that will suit you.

Allow us to increase your brand awareness, engage with your customers creatively and get more people buying your products or using your service. Check out the rates for hire.