The rates* below include billboard and walker. You can choose any consecutive hours between 7am and 2am.

You can plan a route or an area for the billboard walker to work or we can pick a route which we feel is most effective for you.

Hire Period Rate Per Billboard
Saturday – Sunday £120 – 4 hours
£150 – 6 hours
Monday – Friday £100 – 4 hours
£120 – 6 hours

We can provide laminated posters or back-lit duratran (recommended) for the billboard at the costs below.

Accessory Rate
Laminated posters for Billboards. £50 for front and back.
Back-lit duratran posters for Billboards. £65 for front and back.

You have the option to provide your own posters and advertising materials (apparel/vouchers/leaflets/samples) but we recommend you use a professional service for maximum impact. The poster sizes are:

Front – 480mm x 480mm.

Back – 480mm x 1425mm.

We will collect all resources from you before the campaign begins.

All payments must be made in advance of the campaign date.

Payment methods accepted – Paypal, Bank transfer, Cheque.

If you are interested in hiring us to take care of your marketing campaign please contact us here and we will be in touch shortly.

*All prices include VAT. Discounts available for block bookings.